7 Signs You Have Found Your Perfect Boyfriend

7 Signs You Have Found Your Perfect Boyfriend

To dream of a perfect partner, it really isn’t clichéd in this fast-changing modern world, when most people have learned to proceed from a horrible heartbreak immediately, and some people have even begun celebrating the break ups. With changing times, even though the basis of a healthy relationship remains the same – an amalgamation of trust, love, and fear, modern relationships have tossed the stereotypical rule book of relationships, which had pre-defined rules for the lads, along with for the girls.

In modern relationships, every girl wants a guy, who’ll hug her when they’re seeing a scary film, who gives her his coat even when she is feeling cold, that will continually be the one to make her laugh and most importantly he’ll love her for who she is. A man who is not scared to accept her in front of the world. A man who stays true and faithful to her even when she’s thousands of kilometers away. Every boyfriend desires to be the trendiest boyfriend and wants to keep a long-term relationship.

So, here are some signs that prove that your boyfriend is the coolest boyfriend.

He loves your flaws:


He appreciates your defects and mistakes and loves you. Because he understands the reality that nobody’s perfect, not even he, so instead of requesting or expecting you to change, he rather appreciates it and like you just the way you are. If you don’t know cooking and cook for you. It is the most beautiful thing to prove how much he loves you. He recognizes and appreciates for the littlest of things you do for him, he finds solace in your defects and loves you.

He is your Superhero:


By “Superhero” I Don’t mean he will just physically protect you, but you feel emotionally, mentally, and financially safe with him.There is a saying “Behind every successful man there is a lady.” But for your success, he is the reason. When you are in danger, you can count on him to help. He helps you without anything thinking. He makes sure you get home safe on a late night.

He supports you:


He always supports you, he always strives to be your inspirational guide and pushes you to achieve your dreams. When you are down, upset and totally broken, he empathizes with you, wipes your tears, and makes you smile. He is there when you need a best friend. He is there when you need a boyfriend.

He maintains your privacy:


When it comes to hiding your secrets or maintain privacy, he never lets you down. Because he knows, privacy is important for every person. I think in relationship privacy is more important than sex.

He shows his love every single day:


He surprises you with gifts and bouquets; he doesn’t need any special day to surprise you. He doesn’t matter Valentine’s day or anniversary; he proposes you every day by giving surprises or gifts. You know how much he loves you because it reflects in your actions.

He knows how to handle you:


He resolves most of the fights. Whenever you fights with him, you gets angry on him and gets irritated, and he takes first step to resolve the fight. He convinces you every time and resolves the fight because he knows how to handle the situation properly so that again you will come back in a good mood. He keeps his ego aside, and patches up with you, without caring about whose fault it was.he is certainly the coolest.

He wants to grow old with you:


He wants to grow with you, and it simply means he wants to marry you. If he proposes you for marriage, it means he wants to spend his complete life with you and doesn’t want to lose you and that he is ready to share all that he have in his life.  All his happiness,  sorrows and the things that he treasures the most.  


Your Life is a fun-filled journey, and you meet hundreds of people on the way. However, not everybody can be the right one for you. Having a man right beside you can help you go through the ups and downs of life without you shedding a tear. But, finding the right man is the hardest part. How will you know if your present boyfriend is actually the right one for you? Well, just compare the behavior of your man with the signs lited above, and you’ll have your answer.

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