7 Steps To Nicely Breakup With Someone You Love

Break Up

Teenagers in their critical age, usually suffer from the extreme situations of their life. Some of them consider these conditions as life spoiling while some others handle such situations maturely and start moving on in their lives. Isn’t it a devastating experience? Yes, everyone knows that it is, but it is always better to move on instead of feeling depressed.

Break Up


Losing someone you really love is not an easy task, but sometimes, it is better to give up instead of being in a relationship having no value at all. Almost everyone has gone through this for at least once in their lives. Accepting a breakup or a divorce is quite hard but moving on with your good memories can make you stronger and even mature as well so that you can handle such situations easily.

Numerous times, couples got just sucked in between their relationships, they want to break up but unable to do so. Now, the question arises, How to Break Up With Someone?

Some relationships come to an end due to numerous reasons. Every relationship has some differences and couples have their own reasons to break up. Why does a relationship come to an end? Just have a slight look at some of the most common reasons-

  • Most of the relationships come to an end due to the dissatisfaction of one of the partners who want just to pull back.
  • Sometimes, he/she tries to adjust to the relationship according to his/her own wishes.
  • Misunderstanding is the most common reason for numerous relationships.

How to decide if the relationship should be ended or not?

Breakups hurt but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually again, not a loss..!!!

You need not wait anymore if your relationship is going on the worst track. If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, then you need not stay in the relationship, and thus you should give up by moving on in your life. Losing a relationship which always tries to destroy you is not a loss; it is actually a plus point in your life. You should take it as a lesson of life by learning from it.

Some guidelines to help you deciding if you must end your relationship-

  • Are you happy with your relationship?
  • Does your partner respect you?
  • Are you always appreciated or supported by your partner?
  • Do you have some positive relationship goals together?
  • Are you able to resolve your conflicts with each other?
  • Do you both spend time with each other?

If you will get the majority of answers in “NO,” then you must understand that you should move on now. Don’t you know who to break up with your partner?

Don’t worry, just have a slight look at some of the simple steps to break up with someone.

Start maintaining a distance for few days

It is always advisable to keep some distance with your partner if he is not giving you an attention deserved by you. Keeping some distance from your beloved partner can really help you in your breakup. How can it help? You will start gaining some emotional distance from him which is very much essential for you to move on in your life. Your partner will also get an idea about your next step, and he will then get prepared emotionally. You can try it by cutting off your contact before a week, and you need not explain as you can just say that you are busy.

Make yourself to be very sure about your decision

Sometimes, you may not identify whether you want to break up or not and thus it is very much important to make yourself to be very sure if you really want a breakup with your partner. Don’t worry, don’t get panic; you can simply make yourself to be very sure about the same by identifying if you already have tried numerous times to repair your relationship with new hopes. You can also try making a proper list of the reasons behind your decision to break up and start to identify the possible solutions. You will then get prepared to answer the questions expected to ask your partner on your breakup.

Always have a face to face conversation

Don’t ever try to talk to him by using emails or text messages. You must have a face to face conversation with him as this will surely help you decide about the same. You can test her loyalty and morality by owning your partner to look into your eyes during your breakup. It may be painful for you, but you must not walk away from such painful burden.

Prepare yourself to say whatever you want

Asking your partner for the breakup is not easy, but it is not impossible too. You must have to be prepared very well so that you can tell him whatever you want with full of confidence. Your faith may make him realize that you actually want it and he will then cooperate with you. It is not always sure, how your partner will react? It always depends on the personality and nature of your partner, he may deny, cry, beg, become aggressive, and even start abusing but you must have to be robust and confident about your decision.

Try to be very clear with your words

It is one of the trickiest parts in one’s breakup, but you must go through the same. You should be very clear with your own words and just be stick to it. You must not lose hopes as no painless way is there for you. You have to go through this painful way, but you will surely start moving on if you are clear with your own words.

Give him a chance for closure

There is always a possibility that your partner may become emotionally sick, or he may get into depression due to your breakup, but you must give him a chance to be clear about your reasons. You can discuss the possible reasons for your breakup with your partner so that he can understand the circumstance to cope up with the same. This will surely help you moving on maturely without getting under depression.

Make it very clear to “NO CONTACT”

You must make him very clear to have “NO CONTACT.” Going to the places where you have already met can make you both feel low. You must follow such tips-

  • Never have a conversation with him again
  • Don’t try to go to the places where you have already met with each other
  • You must keep him as your ex-partner only


These seven simple steps can really help you break up with your partner. Numerous things are there which is too hard for you both to break up with each other but you must be confident about your decision if you really want to move on. It is not just about your bright future, but it is all about regaining your self-esteem and self-confidence. Don’t you want to live a respectful life? Yes? If so, then you must break up with your partner you love if you are not getting a proper support from him.

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