How Do I Allow Myself To Fall In Love?

How Do I Allow Myself To Fall In Love?

If you take the time to ask many around you how it is we fall in love, among other answers, they may tell you that it just happens, it’s a feeling you get, it is meant to be. It seems as if we hear these words so much that we begin to believe them as true without even an attempt to challenge them; so much that we begin to believe in the outsides ability to dictate our every move. What about the art of allowing? Could you possibly allow yourself to fall in love? Let’s picture a scenario, shall we?


How Do I Allow Myself To Fall In Love


After a three-year relationship, Dahlia, who had been dating Kai for the past 4 years, found out that Kai had been taking care of business that had not been limited to just her. Dahlia couldn’t believe that after all that they had been through, he could betray her in such a way, for she believed that she had done everything that she could’ve possibly done to keep her man happy. You’re no different from the rest of them, she expresses. Now Dahlia has not realized this, but her statement, although justifiable to many, has now become her new way of thinking and feeling.


The question is: Where does our focus tend to take us? Does not the things we think become the things we feel, thus, becoming our way of living? Reality is that Dahlia’s focus has now influenced the meaning that she has attached to her experience. And it is this very meaning that has prevented her from making that important decision: How do I allow I myself to open up to another man despite my past experiences? How do I redefine such an experience so that I may not allow it to dictate my tomorrow? How do I allow myself to fall in love? I guess the true question is, how would you allow yourself to fall in love?


How Do I Allow Myself To Fall In Love


Well, the good news is that it is simple. Bad news? Well, it’s so simple that you may not believe that it is possible because we’ve been programmed to think that the most desirable things in life are the most difficult to attain. OK, here goes nothing only a decision. Yes! Our allowing oneself to fall in love is just that, a decision. Yes, there is an attraction; yes, we get to know each other; yes, we date with hopes of beautiful beginnings, but none of that would ever be possible if a wall divided it.


Love will never enter or penetrate our every being if we fail to make room for it. When we allow, we discover a frequency that enables a new experience. We open a door to love by allowing ourselves to truly see the one that stands right in front of us. We are able to experience them fully and fairly. If while pushing a wheelbarrow filled with bags of cement, someone atop a steep hill called, would you pull all that weight up with you just to see what that person had to say, or would you not leave it behind in order to facilitate your trip?


I’m pretty sure you get the message

Of course, we have to be attracted to someone in some way in order for things to go anywhere, but if the door to your house remains closed when someone is knocking, it’ll be really hard for you to know who’s on the other side.

Sodo yourself a favor allow yourself to fall in love!

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