A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

If you are upset about your recent breakup and want to get back together with your ex, there are several positive steps you can take. Just remember that this may take time and in the end, there’s still a possibility that you won’t get back together. If you don’t try there’s an almost certainty that you will never get back together so doing something positive can do wonders. Here are some common techniques you can try.

In a hurry to get your ex back?  Check out the step by step plan below:



A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

Before you try and get back together you should actually wait and give it some time. You’ll both be dealing with very negative emotions and if you try to get back together too quickly this may backfire on you and the relationship could completely tank all together with no chance of success. Wait a few weeks before you try anything.


Be Positive

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

If you’re positive then this will make it much easier to actually get back together. A positive mood and the willingness to work out your differences can help the relationship work. Any good relationship has some type of compromise by both parties so you need to be positive that your discussions will lead to the ending of your relationship. If you go with hateful negative attitude there’s almost no chance that the other person will respond in any way to that and you’ll end up worse off than you were before.

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Time Apart

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

Sometimes all your relationship needs is a bit of time apart. Go do things with your friends and be active and let the relationship breathe some.  When we spend too much time together this can sometimes be negative in the relationship. It feels like we are smothering each other when what we need is just a little space.  This can be all that it takes to bring a couple together again and heal the old wounds.



To get your ex back you’re going to have to do some communication. Only by discussing your feelings to the full extent can you hope to mend the relationship and get back to where you once were. We break up often because we fail to communicate our feelings, wants, and desires. This gives the other person mixed messages and often it’s how fights start. When we open up and communicate this is a huge step to making a lasting relationship. Women communicate easier than men since this is a natural part of their personality. Men, on the other hand, have extreme difficulty with communication due to the way they were raised. Take communication slowly and just learn to talk out your differences and not make quick judgments.

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Admitting you Were Wrong

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

Sometimes if you can admit to what you did and just be open about it, you can mend your relationships. This takes courage to do but it can really heal the both of you. Saying I am sorry but putting your heart into it is what the other party wants. Just come clean and be responsible for your own actions. Show the other person that you really do care and then the healing process can begin between the two of you.  If you are able to do this it’s a huge step and it’s one you must make if you want to see any renewed success in your relationship.


Analyze why You Broke Up

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

Take time to figure out exactly why you broke up and then work on correcting this problem.  Once you can get to the heart of the breakup this makes it easier to mend those differences. If you broke up because of lack of communication for example, then work on your communication more. Tell the person that you care about why you broke up and that you’re willing to work together to fix the problem. Be open, honest, and work together.

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You Can Fix a Relationship

A Winning Approach to Winning Your Ex Back

It takes two to make a relationship work. Only by working together can you mend your relationship. Give the breakup some time and then open up the doors of communication and work on solving the difficulties with the one you care about.

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