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Equipped with the latest technology, Ev Ultra E-Scooter 2000W is new for 2019/2020.
Only available from RAM Wheels in the UK, this new design includes extras. Equipped with front and rear LED lights, speedometer, mirrors, front and rear fenders and chain guards.
The Ev Ultra electric scooter operates on 48 volts and features a new and improved 2000 watt brushless motor. For overcoming most terrains with gradients up to 15% and speeds up to 50 km/h.
Motor power 2000W brushless (48V 2000W output power).
Semi-hydraulic braking system (smooth and low wear) with new discs.
LED tail light with brake light and indicator function.
New locking system for the seatpost.
Bamboo + wood deck.
Adjustable height.
Top speed: 31 mph
Charging time: 5-8 hours
Range per charge: Approx. 20 miles ((depending on load, slope and terrain)
Scooter/motocross hybrid design, e.g. same steering system as motocross/dirt bike
Human body geometric filament lines, amazingly curved high-strength steel frame
Powerful brushed or brushless motors
Bearings on all moving parts
145/70-6 CST Comfort Fat
More reliable front and rear dual shock absorption system
Adjustable and foldable sports handlebars for people of different heights
Detachable and height-adjustable seat
Bamboo + wooden footstool
Folded size: 135x35x57CM
Weight: 50kg

What is a brushless motor?
When it comes to electric motors, there are mainly two different types:
Brushed and brushless motors.
Brushed motors have been around the longest and are often found on slightly cheaper products with motors.
Brushless motors are a newer and better technology with several advantages:
higher efficiency
higher torque
reduce maintenance
run quietly
Additional Information
Be careful with your throttle: some people think the further back you go the faster the throttle goes, but if the throttle stops, don't try to pull it harder, try to make it go faster. After a breakpoint, it won't be faster. As a result, you will damage the throttle body.
Check your brakes! Make sure your front or rear tires don't have excessive drag
Tighten as needed, loosen if strong resistance is encountered. Slight friction on the brakes is normal.
split your two keys
Not all of our scooters have the same keys. So if you lose both keys, you need to replace the key switch.
Our scooters are not off-road vehicles. Jumping on them or doing stunts with them can damage your scooter and is very dangerous for the rider. Our scooters are suitable for light off-road use. They do not tolerate driving in thick sand, mud, thick grass, extreme slopes or any other conditions that might restrict the engine. Noise from the front mono muffler is normal. Due to the nature of this swinging mono damper, there is a slight ding when you hit bumps. This will let you know the shock is working.
A special note about ride time - the distance you can travel on an e-scooter depends on three factors: speed, rider weight, and terrain. For example, a 200-pound person riding a 2,000-watt scooter at full speed on flat terrain can travel about 8 miles on a single charge. Driving at half speed on a single charge increases the range to around 12-14 miles. To achieve the full "about 20 miles" range, the rider must be less than 120 pounds and can only travel 8 mph or less on flat ground. … that’s how the range is calculated for all e-scooters, not just ours.
The Ev Ultra electric scooter contains a lead-sealed battery that is best charged after each use, even if the battery is not fully discharged. If you don't use your electric scooter for a long time, we recommend that you charge it at least once a month to keep the battery fully charged.