6 Components Of A Healthy Relationship

6 Components Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are hard. And the perfect relationships shown in movies rarely exists. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a healthy love life. There are some key elements required to lead a healthy relationship. The healthier your relationship gets, the more growth, happiness, and intimacy you will experience. So, what are the key elements required for a healthy relationship? Well, here they are…


I think trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, there will be no real relationship. It provides a strong bond in the relationship. We require much time and effort to create confidence in a relationship. You share your intimate moments, your problems, ask for help, listen to each other in your relationship all because of trust. Trust makes any relationship stronger.


How does a relationship grow? Through looks? Visual Communication? Well, no, the only thing that can help you improve your relationship is verbal communication. Everything else will only get you laid for a night.

A healthy relationship needs good communication as people get attracted and attached to the way you communicate. You also need to make them feel the best in whatever situation they are in. People forget what you said, or did, but they never forget how you made them feel. If you are with someone you can’t communicate properly with; or have issues with bridging the emotional gap between them, you’ll have to fix that first, otherwise, you’ll never be able to reach the next stage.


Like the Trust, Understanding one another’s in a relationship is more important than love.  You need understanding in relationship to communicate well, express your needs and even to have good sex. More you understand each other the more your relationship bond gets stronger. In many cases, we fail to understand our partner, and this may be the main reason of many breakups. So, if you want to make a stronger bond of love in your relationship then try to learn each other’s needs and feelings.


Respect is one of that can make or break a relationship. In this modern world, sometimes respect is confused with fear. Some domestic abusers may beat their partner and demand respect, but they get fear not respect. I think that this one of the biggest avoiding mistake you make.

The true respect is seeing your partner’s flaws and still feeling appreciate of their unique ideas and talent. When we love and respect someone, then we receive the same respect in return. We can’t expect respect without respecting an individual.


Support is necessary for making the relationship longer and better. Support is needed for supporting his/her dreams and hopes. Supporting means that whenever he/she needs you in tough times, he/she never alone. Tell his/her don’t ever feel nobody cares for his/her until you are alive. Make sure you have what you need physically, emotionally and mentally. Support in a relationship is like being his/her back.


Friendliness in a relationship helps in tense situations. When you are around who are friendly with you, feel less fearful or nervous. Friendship improves confidence, help each other and harder to support. People are happier, more motivated, they work longer hour, they take more effort when they feel friendly towards each other.

So, these were the key elements required for having a healthy and happy relationship. Conversely, if you fail to get these fundamentals right, you will experience more of dissatisfaction, and guilty as hell. If you feel like your relationship lacks those essentials, it is serious time to make necessary changes. Seek for a counselor, talk to your partner, or simply end the relationship if nothing works.

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