Dating Tips – Best Online Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips – Best Online Dating Tips for Women

Alright, you’ve just started using an online dating service and you’re hoping to find some internet dating tips for women to help you succeed.  You want this process to work out and you’re hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls that other women will succumb to.

As I’ve stated in previous postings, make sure you’ve taken the time to fill out your dating profile correctly.  You need a great (and recent) picture of yourself, a good dating headline, and you need to make sure you’ve put a ton of time into crafting your online dating profile.  Of all the internet dating tips for women that are out there, this last paragraph lists the things you need to focus on first and foremost.

Online Dating Tips for Women

Now that you’ve taken the time to get those all those important details straightened out, here are some other internet dating tips for women that you should pay attention to.


Protect Your Privacy–This is the most important of all internet dating tips for women. Make sure not to give out your personal email address, your cell phone number, or your residence until you’re completely comfortable doing so.  Don’t assume the guy that you’re starting to make conversation with is a good guy.  There are a lot of creeps out there and it’s important to protect yourself.  As you get to know someone and it feels right to give some of that info out, then do it but please don’t rush through this step.

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Spell it Out-Up Front, NO MARRIED MEN–If you’re looking for a relationship online, make sure to avoid the married men who are just out there looking for extracurricular activities outside of their marriage.  This is a dead end road and one you should nip in advance.  There’s no need to mess around with someone involved in a committed relationship, it doesn’t end up well for anyone.  This is one of the internet dating tips for women that I wish would get followed more often.  In most cases, these guys aren’t going to leave their wives.

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Don’t Lie About Your Appearance–This is one of the internet dating tips for women that is the most difficult to follow.  You may not be in love with how you look, but it is what it is and you can’t change it.  It doesn’t help you to lie about it because at some point in your online relationship you’re going to have to meet in person.  You might as well be up front about everything because the lies will come back to haunt you.


Online Dating Tips for Women

Keep Sex Out of Early Discussions–If you’re looking to hook up with a guy, disregard this. If you’re looking for a relationship then I suggest you take heed.  Once you introduce sexually explicit conversation into a discussion you can’t take it back.  Guys see this as an invitation to move forward. This is the trickiest of internet dating tips for women but just remember, most men won’t initiate sexually explicit conversation on their own.  They are waiting for a sign from the lady that it’s ok to be introduced.


Play Hard to Get–Guys are looking for women who play a little hard to get.  They want to feel like they’ve accomplished something but getting you involved in a conversation with them.  Wait before responding back to their email or instant message.  It accomplishes two things, it keeps you from looking desperate and it makes them work harder to get in touch with you. This is one of the internet dating tips for women that is hard to follow because human nature tells us to respond immediately.

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Don’t Be in a Rush to Share Everything–One thing that’s a turn off for guys is information overload.  They want to learn about you but they don’t want to hear your life story right up front.  You need to find a way to slow down the amount of information you want to share with them into small and manageable doses.  Give them too much information too early and odds are you’ll push them away. Don’t overlook the last of these internet dating tips.

Hopefully, you found these six internet dating tips for women helpful.  These are just a few you need to keep in mind as you continue your search for Mr. Right.

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