Forehead Kiss: What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead

(Last Updated On: 15/07/2021)

A kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a THOUSAND kiss on the lips. No lust, but full of LOVE and RESPECT.

The forehead kiss means it is a promise to value, respect, care, sincere love and honor their love. It means there’s something more in the relationship. Our forehead is not just a part of our body, but a center of cognizance that connects us with the eternal spiritual world. When someone kisses us on our forehead, he/she in some ways try to connect with our spiritual self.

A kiss on the forehead has no specifications, meaning it can come from a mother and father as a blessing, from a sibling as affection and from a lover as respect.

There are men who like to kiss their beloved on forehead rather than on cheeks, neck bone and shoulders. Why? Are they trying to sweep you right away? Well, the answer is a big NO. A forehead kiss from a boyfriend to a girlfriend means a lot. Before going into the details, let’s figure out the meaning of forehead kiss.


What is the meaning of a forehead kiss?

A forehead kiss is a gesture of affection, care, and respect. A kiss on the forehead conveys the empathy and love one feels for the other.
For instance, a son kisses his granny on the forehead to express care, and when he kisses his better half or beloved, the kiss means care and respect. There is no other meaning of the forehead kiss.

The kiss on the forehead is so pure in itself that it doesn’t need any explanation. Its purity can be well established through self-evaluation. Ask yourself, can you allow anyone to kiss your lips? The answer would definitely be no, but when anyone kisses you on the head, it means they respect you and won’t harm you.

But a forehead kiss on a girl by her boyfriend conveys that the gentleman really respects the girl and would like to maintain the purity if the relationship they share. The forehead kiss is also a sign of his willingness to keep the relationship for long.

But when a man kisses you on a forehead, it may mean allot.


What Does It Mean When He Kisses You on the Forehead?


  • The Guy Loves You:

The man you like kisses you on your forehead, what does that mean? Silly, it is simple. He loves you! That’s it. And there shouldn’t be any research paper on that, right?
Be open to the guy you like and let him show his affection for you. The way he kisses you will show what kind of love he carries for you.

If he kisses you passionately, there definitely is passion in his love and he may like to take the passion to the bed. If his kisses are gentle and sweet, he wants to give time for a beautiful relationship to grow.


  • The Guy Respects You:

Respect comes from the heart and often expressed through a kiss on the forehead. If the man you are dating kisses you on your forehead and looks at you in high esteem, don’t let go that guy dear because this person is a gem, and he thinks the same of you. He is in no rush to sleep with you. In fact, for him, you and your comfort are more important than anything.


  • The Guy Cares For You:

A forehead kiss is the sweetest gesture of care. The forehead kiss is actually one true kiss that makes you feel special and cared about. So, when a guy kisses you on your head he is trying to say nothing besides, ‘I care for you’, ‘I want you to be happy’ and ‘I want you to be by my side forever’.

A man who wishes to roll on with you on the bed and get intimated may not actually care for what you desire and feels for. A man who cares for you will always put on the first no matter what. These kinds of guys are surely difficult to find. But once found, they should not be let go.


  • The Guy is Protective of You:

If he holds you tight and kisses you passionately on the forehead, it shows that he is protective of you. This gesture of forehead kissing also shows who is a possessive he feels for you.

By kissing you on your forehead, he wants to tell you that for him, you are ‘HIS’ and you will remain ‘HIS’ till eternity. This type of kiss is often done during romantic moments or at times when you guys are alone and hugging each other in affection. The kiss will itself make you feel secure.


  • The Guy May Likes To

There are a few guys who really like to kiss on the forehead.  If your guy kisses you a lot on the forehead, and he is not taller to you then one possibility of him kissing you on forehead could be the likeliness. He may still be interested in rushing to bed with you.


  • The Guy Is Taller Than You:

His height could be one of many reasons why he prefers to kiss you on the forehead. In case you are dating someone who is taller than you, than for him kissing you on the forehead would be the most convenient way of showing affection rather than going down the way to kiss you on your lips. This could also be a sign of the lazy guy you are dating, lol!

There is no denying the fact that it is easier for a taller guy to kiss his girl on the forehead. He would kiss you often on the forehead and at times when you are in rush or standing. By kissing you on the forehead, he is simply trying to be more comfortable.

A forehead kiss is a special kind of kiss that is often done with respect and care. You can read the body language of your partner to better understand the message behind the kiss.

If he makes an eye contact before and after kissing you on your forehead, it means he is trying to establish an emotional connection with you. If he cuddles while kissing you, he is trying to comfort you and give you warmth and his protection. Not all men are protective and caring. In case you have found someone, don’t let him go.

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