How a Breakup Makes You a Better Person


How a Breakup Makes You a Better Person

Breakups are hard. Occasionally, breakups or heartbreaks feels like the end of the world. In a sense, it’s an end, but it’s merely the ending of that special relationship. Breakup also teaches lessons that are invaluable. It can pick you back up when your love puts you down. The person you imagined your whole life and he /she left you, it feels like there’s nowhere to go from here and you stranded. But time passes and you learn the ways of life.


Nothing Last Forever and once people understand that concept; they’ll learn the way to grow from heartbreak and loss. Everything is a learning experience, and so long as you learn from your own mistakes, it was going through.

So, If you had a breakup, I have collected some positive things that can help you to make a better person of yourself after a breakup.

You can take pride in yourself for kicking a bad addiction.

I believe it was Kesha that said, “your love is my drug.” We all just need to agree with her. The experience of love is super intense and real. In the brain, it actually looks like you are on cocaine. If love is like a drug, so does that mean that heartbreaks are like withdrawal? Well, Yes! Breakups are very painful that they can lead to feelings of loneliness, anger, and depression. You crave for love the same a drug addict will crave for cocaine. So, when you finally get over this bad addiction, you take pride in yourself in doing what you feared that you would never be able to do.

No Emotional Dependency on Anyone

When you are in a relationship, you depend on your partner. But after a breakup, you can be your own happiness master. By depending entirely on your own partner for each and every emotional need, you can be made a bit over-dependent. A breakup also teach you to stand back on own feet. You learn what you have and to be happy with yourself. You realize you don’t need a constant emotional support to tide over trials and tribulations of life from anyone and that only it is possible to make yourself happy.

You Realize Nothing Is Permanent

After a breakup, you finally understand that no one always what they appear to be. You understand that everything that begins well doesn’t always end well. The only thing that remains at the end of the day is whether you happen to be getting out of life what you want. You eventually start to look beyond pretenses and facades. You strive to be cautious about falling in love next time.

You Become More Resilient

After break up, you become more resilient. In a study, found that experiencing hardship is actually great for you. Those who have gone through hard times are better equipped at managing future difficulties.You work even harder to be a better version of yourself. You exercise more, eat better. You attempt to give your best and ace everything, and this contributes to personal promotion.

You Value Yourself

When your relationship is over, you start to value yourself more. You give more significance to your choices, decisions, and views so that no other person can tread over you.

It’s difficult to fill the emptiness that you experienced when someone walks out of it. But with patience, resilience and hard work it can make you a more powerful person. Settle for one who can be content with oneself and any less. With time, you might even discover the one that fits totally with you and for whom you don’t have to be embarrassed to be yourself. Hence, break up may lead to needed changes in your life which may be positive and educate lessons which would enable you to sail through life with you.


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