How Do Guys Flirt: 7 Signs He Is Flirting

how do guys flirt

Flirting is the main part of developing relationships. But, sometimes it ‘s hard to understand if he is flirting with you or not. Most women don’t understand if he is flirting or just trying to be nice. Some guys don’t act as affectionately as women do. While girls can simply express how they feel in almost any particular scenario, that is not true for the typical guy as interpreting body language when it comes to guys is more complicated. Flirting can be more confusing when he’s your friend.

how do guys flirt
how do guys flirt

He makes eye contact.

This sign is a little bit tricky, usually, when men want to flirt with you, you can see it in his eyes. On a regular basis, people don’t give all that much eye contact. But if he holds an eye contact with you longer than an average person, and not breaking that eye contact, he’s got his flirt on, and he’s definitely into you.

He touches you “Accidentally.”

He accidentally touches you, trying to bring you in closer. Touching is a huge flirting sign, but it is also a natural thing between people that are already friendly with each other. Not all physical touches are flirtatious. A friendly touch might consist of tapping you on the shoulder, but touching you around your waist and your face is more intimate. If he touches you for longer than necessary, then there is a chance he has a crush on you. He can also lean in and hold your hands while talking to you personally.This can be among the signs he’s flirting with you.

Notice his smile.

Everyone has a different smile. Some guys smile with their mouth closed while others smile with their teeth and some guy just plain shy. However, you ever noticed him smiling at you with a glow in his eyes? Think about how he act when he is talking to you. Is he happy and a little bit nervous? If yes, it’s sure sign he is flirting with you. Smile back if you are attracted to him as well.

He leans in.

While you’re talking, does he leans towards to you?  A guy who is flirting will lean in whenever you’re having conversations or when he laughs.  Notice if he does this only with you and not with other women, then he is definitely flirting.

He is Interested in You.

If he is really flirting with you, he will make an effort to get to know you; he gives you all his attention. He tries to know your likes or your dislikes. He mentions the things you have in common. He tells you he is single. He asks you questions about yourself. He shows you he cares; he remembers what you say, and he collects information that might be useful in case you start dating. These are the signs that shows, he’s interested in you and not just he’s interested in you, he is into you.

He Treats you Special.

He focuses on you more than other women, and he pays more attention than others, it means he likes you. If he invites you for dinner out or asks for a movie, pay attention how he treats you. If he treats you special than others women, he likes you. But you also have to note that all guys are not same, some are just naturally flirty and charming around women.

He tries to impress you.

If he is constantly trying to impress you, then he might be flirting with you. If he drops you to home and he waits daily for you.He gives you chocolates or flowers. He shows you that he wants to take care of you. He tells you about his feats and achievements; then that’s a sign. Make him know instantly if you don’t need to be in connection with him. But if you like him, too, relax and appreciate it.

Being friendly and flirting are often confused by girls as they fail to differentiate properly. Do not confuse being friendly with flirting. If a guy is flirt at most of the times, and with most people, it will be hard for you to differentiate. If you are really interested in knowing if a guy is flirting with you, you’ll have to notice his behavior around other girls carefully. If he doesn’t flirt with others, but you, it is a clear positive sign. However, do not lose your heart if he does the same around other girls. If he flirts with others but gives you more time than them, then it is another sign that he’s actually interested in you.

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