How to Ask A Girl Out?

How to Ask A Girl Out?

Want to ask your girl out?  Your girl may be own of your friends, close friends,  best friends, or girlfriends. Two girls can never be the same and they are always different from each other and this is the reason that the boys often get confused especially in their early ages like 18-24. The strategy you are adopting to ask one girl out may not work on another girl and thus it requires to depict something knowledge and tips to ask a girl out by understanding her nature and behavior first. Obviously, they will never approach going with a stranger. You should be very careful while asking a girl out as you are then in an age where some sort of maturity is the must while you are talking with a girl. If you have a female friend then you must be very aware of your way of talking when it comes to a girl. Let’s try the same with different scenarios-


Asking Out a Complete Stranger-

How to Ask A Girl Out?

Asking a girl stranger might seem to have some nervousness as you are not aware of the behavior she may treat you with. Numerous young boys of around 18-24 age group sometimes get nervous while asking a stranger girl out. They may feel disappointed on being refused by the girl. You need not get disappointed on being refused or rejected by a stranger girl as you still lose nothing. You may think that you are well winning if you are a stranger and she is still interested in you. You should never lose your hope without even trying as trying may let you win and it is much better than losing without trying. If you think of not approaching her ever then obviously you will lose by default.

What to do in this case? You as a rocking dude must go for it without thinking of the result. Just be straightforward and compliment her politely in an impressive manner. Saying some simple words by complimenting her. Obviously, you must also try for getting her personal phone number and try to fix or arrange a date. You should enjoy somebody getting new into your life without thinking of the negative consequences.

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Asking Out that Girl You Met at the Bar-

How to Ask A Girl Out?

It may also be a possibility to meet a girl at the bar, club, or your house party.  You both might be drunk and also may be danced together for awhile which is very much common and normal among the young teenagers.  How will you now follow up a drunken encounter with a real date to depict whether she is interested or not? It is not an easy task but not so much difficult or impossible too. You can give it a try to make your chances to win.

What to do in this case? You can send her a harmless text without including something aggressive or annoying. You can try with texting her like ‘it was a pleasure meeting you’. It is a very common nature that she may respond you in a similar manner. You should also try with calling her to make her realize that you are quite interested in knowing her from the roots. You should behave very politely with her on your very first date.

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Asking Out an Acquaintance/Classmate/Co-worker-

How to Ask A Girl Out?

Your co-worker may either be either your friend or a friend of a friend, she may the cutest one in your entire class or office. If you have a crush on her then you must not hesitate to ask her out with you.  It may seem tricky when you will start as you still have to see her around on getting rejected. Just try not to get rejected.

What to do in this case? You can avoid this awkward situation on your own if you want to get a harmless start here. Just simply ask her out to spend some quality time with you and nothing else. You can prefer beer to a coffee date here as if you really want to gauge her interest. There is no harm as it is just a drink and it is very common among the teenagers like you.

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Asking Out a Friend-

How to Ask A Girl Out?

You may have numerous female friends, right? It is very common to hang out with your friend’s group on a regular basis but you may also have a crush on one of your friends, right? If so, you must not get nervous as you can easily ask her out because you know her from a long time. If she is one of your own friends then obviously you are well aware of her choices, so just feel relaxed and simply ask her out, but always beware.

What to do in this case- If you want to take her on a romantic date then you must have to start with a normal date by making your intentions to be very clear by asking her to take out to have a normal dinner. As you are already friends, just have some drinks but don’t cross your limits. If you are already aware of her choices then just pick a nice restaurant and take her to the same. Try to make some attracting or deep connections with her to make her feel that you are interested in more than just friends.

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Asking Out Your Ex-

How to Ask A Girl Out?

It may also be possible that you want to ask out your own Ex as you may still have a crush on her or may have some little interest being remained inside you. Don’t think too much and just ask her very politely if she is still interested in going out with you.

Are you ready to ask a girl out?

If you are really interested in start dating and stop hanging out then obviously you must well aware of the above possibilities to get an answer to your question,  how to ask her out? It is really not very hard to have a date with a woman but yes, you may need some guidelines-

  • Asking a woman to go out with you on a date is not like a rocket science but you have to be careful while asking her out.
  • You should keep your dates as very simple.
  • Try to make her impress with you.
  • Try to make her smile.
  • Make her feel so special.
  • Try to make her feel that you are quite interested in knowing her.
  • If she rejects you, then you should be prepared for the same. Just make yourself strong enough to face such kind of situations.
  • Try to make her feel that you are protective of her.
  • Don’t use some negative words while talking with her.
  • Just follow her choices.
  • Pick a nice restaurant according to her likes and tastes
  • Just be straightforward.


When Should You Ask Girl Out?

There is no perfect time to ask a girl out as you may get married, have a baby, or may engage in some business activities but still, you can ask a girl out. Doesn’t matter; whether you are in a school, college, or in your office, you can easily ask your crush to go out with you. You should never wait for asking your crush to go out with you on a date, if you have a crush on her then just be very strong to ask her out.

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