How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

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Every guy wants to have a Cute and Smart Girlfriend in his life. The important thing that you have to remember is confidence, not cockiness. For whatever reason, the guy seems to confuse the two and will normally turn a girl off by being obnoxious rather than simply confident. So, what is the difference between the two things? Well, a boy who is obnoxious will address a girl in a term like baby or babe. Without even asking an obnoxious boy will join a girl at a table and start talking, this is not confidence, this is simply being the rule. How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? How can you impress her? Making a girl impressed even for the first time is neither a magical science nor buying her the most expensive gift or something no one ever does. 

There are numerous romantic ways to ask your crush. Even, if you easily manage to muster up the courage, asking someone out isn’t easy. Instead, if you want to assume a position of good confidence, then you should approach a girl whilst looking her directly in her eyes and introduce yourself and ask if you love her. Here are some of the important discussions by which you can ask a girl to be your girlfriend:-


Buy An Expensive Gift For Girl at your First Date

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

 This is the best Method to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. In Most cases only I Love You is not working you. Many girls are easily impressed from boys when they give her a special gift. If you want to impress the girl then after you have approached her and she is open to your presence talk to her about her when she asks you to share a little but doesn’t spend too much time to talk about yourself. Girls are always like the boys who listen to their thoughts.


Compliment Her

Always try to build in a good compliment about her eyes and her lips, but be sincere, and don’t be crude and vulgar things. Telling her something like she is not going to do, it if you want her to stick around, instead try something good compliments like I Love Your Smile, Be specific in your statements, let her know you are paying attention only that girl. It is one of the best ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

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Plan A Big Balloon

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

 You can also ask the girl with a balloon. Write your secret message or question on this balloon with lighting. Walk to her with it. Or tie it to her car or her house’s door knob. Done. She’ll call you immediately with a huge smile screaming “Yes. You could ask your college friends or if you are working then also take advice from your senior college or just hire someone to do it. Save the last part for yourself to deliver and that should be the one with the main question (Would you be my girlfriend Or Ask for Yes or No?) or with the three effective words. Hopefully, when you give her the last line of the poem or song, you’ll see her lips curve into the most beautiful and attractive smile and she’ll fall right into your arms. It is an amazing way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.


Impressively Propose Her

You can also ask your girl to be your girlfriend or propose her with a cute love making song. If you are a guy age of 18 and want to propose a girl to be your girlfriend then you should ask your words with a poem or song, you can also write the poem in your own words, that will be more effective as compared to copy words. Don’t go overboard and make it too cheesy or too emotional. After you are done with the loving poem, divide it into at least 4 or 5 different parts and put them on different strips of paper. Now, have these strips delivered to her throughout the day.

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Take Your Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

 You can simply take your girl out to ask her to be your girlfriend. You can try to make her shopping with you. Try to suggest her something different to try so that she can come to understand how much you care for her. Try to go for the shopping first to make her look different and after that, you can opt for a nice restaurant so as to make her calm and happy to respond you positively for your proposal.


Try To Make Her Day Memorable

Don’t rush to make it something different. You can calmly make it so special for her so that you can easily ask her to be your girlfriend. If you have a crush on one of your own friends then it would become more easy for you to ask her to be your girlfriend as you will be well aware of her choices, likes & dislikes. Simply try to know her likes and dislikes to make her day special and more memorable to make her feel for you. You should try your best to make it seem just perfect and more romantic than ever.

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Don’t Ask Her Again & Again To Answer

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

 You should just tell her about your feelings and calmly ask her to be your girlfriend but don’t try to ask her again and again for her answer. You must just wait for her reciprocation. You can try the impressive questions such as ‘What do you feel towards me?’ It is one of the best questions to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Don’t try to push her to say anything if she seems to hesitate. Allow her some time to express her feelings towards you. Surely, you will receive a positive response.


It’s okay to take her gently by the elbow, but refrain from putting your arm around her on trying to hold her hand. This is the way of the guy’s who get the girl!! To a certain extent, all they need is just for you to feed them with love, care, and concern. These are some of the common and the impressive ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. This is all, how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

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