How to get a guy to like you?

How to get a guy to like you?

Do you have a crush? Have you crossed your childhood? If so, then obviously, you may have numerous dreams towards your crush, or maybe you just want to get a guy to like you. How to get a guy to like you? How is it possible?  Girls like you may start making him feel jealous or maybe benefits herself to be lesser available to him in her teens when she is about 18-24.

Having a crush is obviously very much common but making some hard efforts to get the same is not a cup of tea for everyone. Want to get a guy to like you?  It is not so much hard and osteoarthritis much easy but yes you need not get disappointed or demotivated as you can even give it a little try,  right? He may behave differently with you, but you have to be very calm and start your research with some sort of smartness or intelligence.

You can now get any guy you want just with some sort of hard efforts. You may need some essential and helpful tips to write on how to get a guy to like you. You may have to do some changes in your to make him feel for you. What are these changes? You can start putting yourself into his life to make him feel for you. You can lit up the perfume into your hairs while going out to be around him. Such little things will make you able to come closer to him to get a guy to like you.

Just have a look at some of the helpful tips to get a guy to like you-


Start getting know about him.

How to get a guy to like you

 If you really want to get a guy to like you, then you can try from knowing about him. You can easily find a little bit about him by his friends or other groups. You can try to know about the places he likes to go, the stuff he likes, his favorite eatable, and much more.

After having such research, you can try going to some of those places or can try his favorite things to create some chances to talk with him. You will then have the common things to talk about. Maybe he is not showing you any interest, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get a guy like him. Sometimes you have to take the initiative to make him feel that you have got a few things in common to him by which he will start getting interested in you, and nothing will remain to make the efforts then.


Start getting involved with him

You can also try to get involved in the things which he usually does. You can give it a try by joining the group in which he spends more time, or you can also join the organization in which he is already involved. You should learn the things which are similar to him, but you can’t do the same. Start creating your chances to talk with him to get a guy to like you.

How will you create such opportunities? You can easily do so if you have smell excuses to be around him in any of his favorite place, group, or an organization. You just have to find the best possible ways to connect with him somewhere or somehow. You need not just lurk around in the background where nobody can nourish your emotions or feelings as you can talk to him as your bold personality can spark more and make him feel for you.

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Don’t appear desperate.

How to get a guy to like you

 Sometimes girls get more desperate for getting attention, but it seemed quite unattractive. It may make him the force to take time while noticing you. You should be more confident while trying to connect with him. You should never try to force it to happen exactly as you want as it may also take him away from you. Don’t go for along instantly when you are looking in his direction. Don’t be so nervous and also don’t be so overconfident.


Be approachable

If you are a high crush on him and you desperately want to get him, then you should be approachable. You can behave sometimes funny or may be friendly to make him feel that you are an open kind of girl. It is one of the best ways on how to get a guy to like you. Obviously, being approachable is not so very hard, but you should keep calm and try to smile a modest whenever he looks at you.

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Find common interests

How to get a guy to like you

You can also start with finding some common interests in between both of you. Such kind interests may belong to the food, hobby, or any types of sports. You can try talking about such things which make sense to the present conversation. You can ask him for his favorite place to have a cup of coffee so as to find out his interest and the same can be tried by you to make yourself just like him to get a guy to like you.


Do things together

 When you find out the common things in between both of you,  you can start utilizing your knowledge and start doing the things together to understand each other.  You can put yourself to be there where he likes to be the most by inviting him to have the same with you. Such little things will start contributing on how to get a guy to like you.

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Just be bold

How to get a guy to like you

 Several boys are there who usually won’t approach a girl as she is shy and thus you can try to create the chance on your own.  As you have already crossed your 18, you won’t need to get shy; there is nothing wrong in confessing your emotions or to introduce yourself first on your own. You can just start by saying “hello.” Start talking with him will make you feel more comfortable.


Such tips can help to get a guy to like you. You won’t have to compromise your feelings anymore as you just have to do some efforts and can easily make your crush to feel for you.

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