How To Survive A Break Up 4 Tips Guarantee You Success

How To Survive A Break Up 4 Tips Guarantee You Success

The breakup has never been easy to go through. You always keep the little hope that there might be another chance that he wants you back. You need to learn how to survive a break up as it’s part of our life and relationship. Some relationships can be amended with a correct guide, but some can never be. You need to move on if your relationship is over and can’t be repaired. The process of surviving a break up might be hard to you, but you must go through if you want a happy relationship for next. The following 4 tips are very important that can almost guarantee you successfully survive a break up if you follow exactly.


Tip 1: Stay away from your ex

How To Survive A Break Up

There is no need to stay in touch with your ex if you want to survive the breakup. You need to remove him from your life. Stay in touch will make it harder for you to go through the breakup. The longer you stay in touch with him, the harder it will be. So stop calling him, email him, text him, checking his Facebook or any his social website.


Tip 2: Time is the best medicine to seal the wound

Don’t forget to give your time to cope. You should not try to get into another relationship to take place of your last relationship. This kind of rebound relationship seldom work, you will find out you are falling into the same problem again. You also should not drag yourself down to the heartbroken zone all the time. Try to remove the emotion you have from the breakup and give you some time to recover.

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Tip 3: Do not keep anything from him

How To Survive A Break Up

This idea sounds a little bit odd, but if you find it’s hard to not thinking about him you should get rid of things that have a connection between you. Some people like to burn the stuff or through them away, if you don’t want to you can just keep them somewhere you will not see, like a basement. The purpose of doing so is to not remind you of the relationship and the breakup.


Tip 4: Focus on the good things

According to The Law of Attraction, you should focus on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want. To survive a break up you should not focus on how bad you feel or how could he do so, you should focus on the good things you are heading to. Think of something positive, if you don’t find anything positive then get your friends to help. If you keep focusing on the sad emotion you will attract more sad emotion, therefore if you focus on the happy emotion you will attract more happy emotion. About this sad relationship, let it go and let it be.

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If you can follow these four tips then you are almost survived from the breakup. The key point here is to cut off connections as much as possible when a relationship is over. In order to do so, you need to control your emotion and focus on the positive emotion. The more you focus on the positive emotion then quicker you can survive the breakup.

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