How to Tell If a Guy is playing with you?

Guy Playing with you
(Last Updated On: 13/04/2019)

Numerous couples are there who usually get separated from each other after a long-term relationship but why? Such separation may have many reasons, right? We all have our own thoughts and choices and accordingly, we choose our life partners but unfortunately, some cheaters are always ready to play with the feelings and emotions of a girl. Every single girl must be aware of such kind of people who can ruin or spoil their life. Such kind of people will do nothing except wasting your precious time.

Guy Playing with you

Love is always valuable, but you must be very well aware of your partner if he is playing with you. These cheater guys are always engaged in manipulating the girls by treating them sweetly but just for a limited period and not always. You can never neglect the fact that most of the guys just play with the emotions of a girl. Are you sure that you are not one of those girls? Do you know if your partner is playing with you or not? How would you come to know?

How to tell if a guy is playing with you? Assuming or identifying the fact may be quite hard for you but obviously, it is not impossible, and thus, you must have to find it out.

Let’s discuss the ways to tell if a guy is playing with you-

He doesn’t go outside with you

It is one of the biggest signs to know if he is playing with your emotions. If he never goes out with you anywhere, then you can assume that he is not actually interested in you and he may be interested in just passing some time with you and nothing else. He may have a fear to go out with you as the other girls can come to know about you if you both will go together anywhere for a date. You must catch this sign at the earliest to save your life from being cheated or ruined.

He never introduced you to his family

If he never introduced you to his family or any of his friends, then you can consider it as a sign that he is just passing his time with you and not more interested in you. If your partner has the real feelings for you, then he will surely introduce you to his family or friends, but if there is nothing like this, then you must understand that he is just playing with your emotions.

You don’t know much about him

He may never talk much about himself, right? If your partner is really like the same, then it is a sign for you so that you can understand that he has not any positive intentions for you. You must analyze about what exactly you know about him. If you really don’t know much about him, then it is one of the major reasons to move on.

You both spend time only when he wants

You both may usually spend a lot of time together, right? It is of course very normal in any of the relationships, but if he spends time with you only according to his convenience without considering your comfort, then you must understand that he is just playing with you. If you always have to adjust or accommodate according to him, then you must not do the same as you must have your own wishes too.

You are nowhere with him on the Social Media

Social Media has become a very much popular and wide platform for the youth, teenagers, and adults too as people usually share their feelings, emotions, and much more over there. If he has several photos over his social media accounts, but you are nowhere, then you must understand that you are no more valuable for him. He may have numerous pictures with his friends and family over his online account then you must also be there in at least some pictures.

Girls always get various signs to understand or identify a guy if he is playing with them, but they never want to accept the facts they are realizing. It may be quite hard for you, but it is important. All these are the very common signs to tell if a guy is playing with you.You can now save yourself from being cheated or ruined on your own then why not?

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