How To Win Back Your Ex If He Is Already Dating

How To Win Back Your Ex If He Is Already Dating

How to win back your ex if he is already dating? For sure a lot of women will be angry, jealous or feeling hopeless when they see their ex is dating other women. This article will give you a simple guide on what to do to win back your ex if your ex is already dating.


First of all, don’t panic. When you see your ex is dating or even keep seeing a girl particular you should keep calm. Because all he is doing is to using other girls to comfort himself or as your replacement to overcome the pain after break up with you. Actually, you don’t need to worry about it, because these dates almost never work out.

How To Win Back Your Ex If He Is Already Dating

Keep this in mind, you should be completely cool and get your emotion under control. Speaking from an experience of my best friend, when my friend Jenny’s ex-called her after not contacting him for two weeks. He was trying to make Jenny jealous. He was talking about his new dates how wonderful the girl was. Jenny knew what exactly he was doing. So Jenny was completely calm about it. Jenny told him she thought it was wonderful and changed the subject. She didn’t act angry or hurt. She sounded like it was nothing to her. The strange thing happened a week later. Her ex-called her to ask her out again.

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To be completely cool sounds easy but it’s not so easy to do. Jenny had mentioned to me even she knew what her ex was doing on the phone, but it still made her desire him more. However, this is something you must do to win back your ex.

How about if you run into them together? This is one of the awful moments many women will die to avoid. But there is coincident. You never know if you will run into them together. If you happen to be in this case I think you more or less have some ideas about what to do if you read every word previously. Act totally cool about it.

How To Win Back Your Ex If He Is Already Dating
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  • Don’t show your anger
  • Don’t show your jealousy
  • Don’t ignore him.
  • Don’t put him down
  • Don’t act rude

These are the main points you should do exactly the opposite. You should act you are happy and energetic. And you should show your pleasure to see them both. Talk to her confidently and act comfortably. You can also shake her hand and even tell her they look good together. But keep a big smile on your face all the time. Act comfortably and cheerfully to make small talks. At last, to excuse yourself. You need to give him the signal and message that you are totally secure and calm about the fact he is with another woman.

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I know that inside of you, every inch of your body is burning. But you have to do everything you can to get rid of the insecure feeling. You can’t let him see it from your outside. Otherwise, you fall into his trick. And all your previous hard work will be a waste.

Remember the cooler you act the more frustrating he will become. And the woman he is dating will be threatened by your calm and confidence.

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