How To Win Someone Back With 6 Simple Tips

Breakups are really hard times for most of the people and even worse when they don’t actually want to. When a relationship is going down and you still want to give it another try then you will you need to know about how to win someone back.

Before you take any action there is one thing you need do by yourself. If you fail with this step all you effort might end up worthless. Before you start anything on how to win someone back you need to know if this relationship is worth saving. Not every relationship is worth to save especially the relationship involves any violence.

You need to closely evaluate your situation in the relationship and don’t worry to get other people’s help with it. It just simply because people who are in such a situation may not be able to think based on reality. A lot of people will try to win someone back just because they don’t want to accept the relationship is the end.

If you think the relationship is worth saving after your evaluation. Here are 6 tips that can dramatically help you on how to win someone back.

Tip 1 – Dig out the reasons for the breakup.

How To Win Someone Back

To know what to do you need to know what’s wrong in the relationship. Find out what went wrong and how the issues can be resolved. Think about what can be done to make it right. You will probably find that the fault usually comes from both parties. No relationship breaks only because of one person’s fault. It’s not like a one-way street, it’s from both parts.

Tip 2 – Leave some space between each other.

How To Win Someone Back


If you want to win someone back it’s not a good idea to desperately be with that person all the time. You need to give him some space to let him think about it. It’s very similar to the technique called “push/pull” from “Pull Your Ex Back”. Make your states clear about the problems in your relationship and what can be done about it. He will think about it and come back to you or if he is not coming back to you he won’t do in future.

Tip 3 – Treat yourself well.

How To Win Someone Back

We all should treat ourselves well especially when we are in a breakup. Don’t let the breakups to take away your health. Do everything you can to treat you well. You should use this time to build the best of you, which will make you more attractive to him. Attractiveness plays an important role of how to win someone back.

Tip 4 – Be positive.

Don’t feel it’s like the end of the world. Keep your thoughts positive. You might need to apply some systems like “Law of attraction”, you will always attract what you are thinking. Stay in positive you will attract positive things, stay in negative you will attract negative things. Being positive may not win someone back, but it can be a very helpful in a relationship, even if you can’t win him back, being positive will attract other good things and people.

Tip 5 – Get New hobbies.

How To Win Someone Back

When you are working on how to win someone back, don’t sit at home and hoping to receive a phone call, text message or email from him. Go out and find some new hobbies. Enjoy yourself from your new hobby you will gain self-esteem which will make yourself a happier person. A happier person will attract positive attention from other people.

Tip 6 – Be open mind.

How To Win Someone Back


For many people, this is one of the most difficult things to do. Being in a relationship is not about persuading one to agree with another one. It’s about accepting each other as who they are. So you need to accept different opinions, don’t get angry when things don’t go in your way. Be open to talking about how you feel and listen to him you may find out there were something you didn’t see before.

The last thing you should remember is these tips are not only about how to win someone back, you will be a much happier person due to the effort you made.

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