Losing Someone You Loved

Losing Someone You Loved

Wouldn’t it be odd to lose someone and never acknowledge that person, especially if it were a close friend? At least a phone call, a text message, an email, even a Facebook message right? It may seem impossible, but millions have already done it, and much more continue to follow. If you think losing someone you love is hard, try losing someone you loved.

Try losing someone only you control, and yet feel no authority. Try losing someone made perfectly imperfect by God. And I hear people crying about losing pretty jewelry and cash. How about you try losing someone so beautiful, so powerful, so unique, just the way they sit. Try losing you.


Losing Someone You Loved

Many of us find ourselves lost at times, not in the event we claim, but in the fears, we’ve built to protect ourselves. We’ve created a nightmare within our own dreams. We look to be accepted, but yet, have failed to accept ourselves. We consider our dreams fairy tales, instead of possible realities. We continue fighting an army we lead.

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We’re so focused on how to get along and build relationships with different people, we forget about building one with ourselves. Not that sit alone to the self-type of a type of building, but that self-awareness. That how do I live free with myself as to not be thirsty of the acceptance of this world, but rather, a contribution just by living and appreciating my life type of building. Just to realize, that these problems we continue to build our world on can be evaporated, just by showing appreciation, for life.

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Losing Someone You Loved

Are we complaining, or are we thankful for this life we currently live? Think about it, if you can afford to complain, you’re doing something that many would love to be doing, at your very moment of the complaint, living. Whatever it is you love to do, just do it, and acknowledge the many people you meet along the way, because you have one responsibility, and one responsibility only. That you maintain a smile for every time, you’re given a chance to wake up in the morning, and you’ll be blessed with a day you deserve.

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Close your eyes and go back to that place you were first formed, and recreate yourself to whomever you feel fit, breaking free from the fears that continue to hold you back from living. As we look to be accepted, why not accept as well. We’re all beautiful, and we all shine in our own special way.

Ever think about a puzzle? Before and after? Now, look at the people around you. Would they be that interesting if they were just like you? Don’t complain about your neighbor; there’s something special you just may be missing out on. Open up, guide your fears and stop slaving for them. Live, learn and grow its time you gain back that someone you once loved, and fall in love all over again. All we have is this very moment like it!

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