Online Dating Guide for Men That Actually Works

Online Dating Guide for Men That Actually Works

Trying to write the perfect online dating guide for men is something that I think would be real difficult to do.  I know the quick jokes that come to mind about writing this guide because as a general rule, it’s said that men only have one thing on their mind.


I know when most men look for the perfect online dating guide for men that they are generally looking for the least amount of work they need to do to generate a profile that will have single women banging down their doors. If you take a few minutes to browse some of the more popular online dating sites you’ll see that a majority of male profiles look like they’ve put very little thought and effort put into them.

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As I’ve stated before, this site is not focused on writing an online dating guide for men. It’s written from a platform that will benefit both sexes and if you’re looking for a site that is solely catered to a particular gender, then I suggest you keep looking. If you are looking for an online dating guide that will help you put together the perfect online dating profile, then continue reading.

Online Dating Guide for Men

Now that we’ve established that this isn’t just an online dating guide for men, let us look at the most important parts of your online dating profile.  It needs to tell the story of who you are and what you have to offer.  It needs to highlight your likes and dislikes.  You want to be as descriptive as possible in the limited amount of space you are given to profile yourself.

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My online dating guide for men and women takes you through this process from start to finish.  It starts with the mundane tasks of picking your username, profile picture, and headline.  These three items are the first thing a single woman will notice and this is the part of the profile that needs to sizzle.  Any online dating guide for men will tell you that you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression.

Online Dating Guide for Men
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Once we walk you through the steps you need to follow for those first steps, we get into the beef of you dating profile.  Not every online dating guide for men will lay out the amount of work you need to put into this portion of your profile to make it complete.


This is the portion where you describe yourself and I can’t stress enough the importance of taking your time in laying this out.  This portion is your silent salesperson; it tells interested females all about you and what exactly you’re hoping to accomplish.

Online Dating Guide for Men

As any reputable online dating guide for men will tell you, the profile itself is what will determine if a female wants to find out more about you.  The better you sell yourself in this section than the better the odds an interested female will want to get in touch to find out more.


Our online dating guide for men (and women) also helps you with how to react once you get in touch with an interested female. We share the best way to respond and deal with the influx of emails and the various forms of etiquette to follow in interacting with interested females.  As I stated early, it walks you all the way through setting up your profile to the steps that are needed to set up your first date.

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If you’ve read this far, chances are you’ve given up your search for an online dating guide for men and you’re curious to see what other information my site offers in helping you get started online. We’ve got our internet dating tips, which outlines the entire process as well as our online dating guide, which rates the top dating sites online.

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