Essential Relationship Advice For Women

Essential Relationship Advice For Women

Although people admit it, the difference between men and women are far more than just physically. Different views about how each other see the world and different ways of communication style, there is usually a gap between and most couples don’t realize how wide it is.


The relationship advice for women and men are very important in a marriage or relationship. For women, if you want to understand how a relationship is formed and how to maintain it, it’s essential to follow the right relationship advice for women.


It does not matter if your relationship is in a trouble or you just started your relationship and want to avoid mistakes most couples do, the following relationship advice for women is definitely worth to know.



Men and women communicate differently – this is a very basic concept you must know in a relationship. It’s said the No 1 relationship advice for women to understand your men better. In reality, women tend to like to talk about issues but not the result, but men like to get to the solution. We often hear women say men don’t know how to listen, it because men want to immediately see the result. For instance, when women tell men about some issues, men will be very annoyed if they don’t see the result. When you talk to your man about some problems that bother you in your relationship, prepare the potential solutions to bring the issue up positively. Or you should be prepared that he is going to be in “Fix it now” model if you don’t have a solution.



Men don’t share their feelings as much as women – This issue has been a problem for a lot of couples. This is the second important relationship advice for women to understand their men’s behavior in a relationship. As a woman, you probably like to share your feelings about on various topics and you also expect your man does so. However, he may not. Men like to keep their emotion in their chest and they will bring up when they think it’s time. So don’t see this as a problem of him. If he comes home look tired and want to be along, don’t ask him why to make him a coffee and leave him along. He will be appreciated and come back to you refreshed.



Men prefer action than talking – if you are not an exception you may like to hear him tells you how much he loves you every day. Men like to express their emotion in action rather than talking and they also respond better to actions. This relationship advice for women is important to get your message across to him. You can actually make him feel he is loved by taking action, show him your care.



Plan for small things – this is a hard relationship advice for women to carry and follow. Think about it, how many times you made your man feel like you are nagging simply because he doesn’t do the dishes or take out the garbage. Sometimes his mind is actually occupied when you ask him to do household. Do not let these things affect your relationship. Instead, make a To-do list with him together, many men can follow the list very well and like the idea. It makes them feel like they have achieved something.


Be aware of the difference between the sexes is the last but not least relationship advice for women to improve relationship quality. Especially in communication when you can achieve quality communication your relationship will be as solid as rock even it’s already in trouble.

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