Save The Marriage – The Art Of Giving Men Power

Save The Marriage – The Art Of Giving Men Power

If you want to be the woman men adore and never want to leave you must know the art of giving men power. Know the skills of giving men power will absolutely make your man feel you are the only woman he wants to be with or even save the marriage because he can find his confidence and the power of dealing with everything around him.

Many women believe that the 15% of women men always adore having some special talent which they were born with or any secrets to doing with it. That’s not true. Every woman can be the one men would fall into if they can just remember the simple secret of giving men power.

The secret of giving men power is to not try to change him or ask him to follow any sort of “standard” for men.  Remember it!!!! You probably are wondering why? To save the marriage or relationship you need to know about this. Believe it or not, men don’t like to be changed. Remember, even they change but they don’t like to be changed. Don’t always try to tell him what to do. Even you want him to improve in the specific area you should not tell him what to do unless he asks for suggestions. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t speak up about your feelings even your man is being ridiculous.  However, trying to change him and obviously telling him what to do will just make everything worse.

Save The Marriage – The Art Of Giving Men Power

This situation happened in thousands of relationships. Women love their men and they want to improve their relationship or save the marriage. They want to help their men to be a better man. They try their best to change their men by following some standard or guide. In fact, they will never get the result they want, all their effort will just make their men powerless.  And when men feel powerless when he is with you he will be more likely to escape.

Women usually think helping their men to be the “Ideal Man” is the way they show their love. Unfortunately, the message changes when it goes to men. Men would feel that women are controlling them. They want the love but the love from women doesn’t feel in the same way to men.
Why the message changes when it goes to men? Because men would feel like their women are rejecting them, they don’t accept who they are. So men tend to instinctively reject changes.  Men need to be loved, trusted and accepted in order to improve themselves and be more mature.

Save The Marriage – The Art Of Giving Men Power

Once a friend who is a professional relationship coach told me he had an interesting discussion with hundreds of ladies and gentlemen in a seminar. They discussed “What do you think of women trying to change men?” after the discussion everyone agreed with the conclusion that “The more women want to change men, the more strongly men refuse.”

In men’s opinion, their philosophy is “Don’t fix it unless it’s broken”. When women try to change them they will get the message that something wrong with them, their partners are not satisfied with them. They will be discouraged and losing confidence, and they tend to be defensive because of human’s sense of self-protection. At last, they can’t feel any love, trust, and acceptance from women.

To give men power and save the marriage or relationship, all you need to do it to remember:

  1. The secret of giving men power is to not try to change him or ask him to follow some sort of “standard” for men.
  2. The best way to help your men to grow and improve is to not to take it for granted that you should change him.

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