Should I Give Up On Him?

Should I Give Up On Him?

Dating has now become popular among young teenagers, and there is apparently nothing wrong with dating someone until and unless you are loyal to your partner. Dating world has now become much broader, and numerous couples are there who are continuously trying to make things work in their relationship whereas many couples are also there who just want to give up on their partners.

There is nothing wrong with trying your best for making your relationship work. If you are continuously trying to make your relationship work, then you need to identify whether it is an appropriate way or not. Should I give up on him? It is a major question which may surely strike into your mind if you are making your best efforts to stand your relationship. You need to identify the same but how? Don’t worry you must surely give up on him if you are facing these issues in your relationship.


You are not getting what you actually wish

Should I Give Up On Him

 It may become quite hard whether you are really happy with your relationship or not. If you are investing your precious time for someone, then it is undoubtedly very much essential for you to stay happy and relaxed with him. You need to identify whether he can provide you what you actually wish or not. If you are not happy with him just because he can’t fulfill your desires, then it may be a reason for you to give up on him.


If he ignores talking about future

 Inevitably, every couple may have some fears in their mind regarding their future. You may have to face some hurdles in your relationship in your upcoming days but talking about the future is a perfect way to plan something good to resolve all your problems together by holding each other’s hands.

If you are in a serious relationship, then you both must plan your future too. If you are noticing that your partner ignores talking about your future plans, then you must think whether he is interested in making his future with you or not. You must not force him to talk about the same, but yes, you should give up on him to get a better option.

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If you deserve a better one

Should I Give Up On Him

 How will you come to know if you really deserve a better one? You just need to analyze if he is showing his interest in you. On the contrary, you must surely give up on him if you have to beg for getting his love, care, and attention. A relationship is not about begging for each other, and thus, you must move on if he is continuously ignoring you or doesn’t respect you.


If he doesn’t understand your goals

 Everyone has some different aims or goals in his/her life. You must be very clear about your goals and he must also be aware of the same. If he doesn’t support you while working for your goals, then you must think for at least once whether he is a perfect man for you or not. You need not drop your goals for a person who doesn’t even support you.

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If you need to face embarrassment

Should I Give Up On Him

There is no space for embarrassment in any relationship. You both must be very frank with each other to say whatever you may want. But, if you need to face any embarrassment in front of others just because of your partner’s behavior or ill-treatment with you then yes, it is the perfect time to give up on him. If he usually humiliates you in public then you must think about your own self-respect and reputation.


If you still feel alone

 Loneliness must not be your partner if you are already in a relationship with someone special. Your partner must give you a quality time to share your happiness, sadness, or love. If you often have to face depression or loneliness on a frequent basis, then it is a sign that you must give up on him. Feeling alone or depressed may suck you from inside and thus, you need to take a stand for yourself on time.

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If you have fights on the same topics

Should I Give Up On Him

 Fighting is apparently a prevalent thing in every relationship but resolving such fights with maturity is very much valuable. If you both are fighting on the same topics again and again, then you must move on as such fights will make you feel sucked and nothing else. Surely, you must try to resolve your fights by quitting up the matter with is really not essential for you to both but if you are unable to convince him, then you must give up on him.

Don’t you want to make your relationship work? Yes? What are you waiting for then? Start analyzing all such things to create a better future for yourself.

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