How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

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Chatting and hang out with a girl or a boy has become very much common nowadays. The time has been changing day by day and people have to struggle a lot for earning their livings and to get a great success in their lives. In such situations, only school and college life are the two destinations where you can enjoy your life without having so much stress. Starting a conversation with a girl is a factor which has been emerging rapidly among the teenagers having the age group of 18-20 or mostly among the US teenagers. As if you are living in the US then you need not worry as it is so much common and easy in the US to start a conversation with a girl. Yes, you may have stress at such stages too but those factors are not so much depressing and thus you can easily get connected with your loved ones and can make new friends, can go for hangouts.

Have you any crush? Do you like someone? Ok, Don’t panic; have a look on some important to peeps to start a conversation with a girl:-


Be honest and crazy

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Yes, girls often like the boys having honesty in their nature and who never lie to them. Numerous dating sites are there on which you can easily start a conversation with a girl but it is must have some sort of honesty in your nature while talking with a girl. The US is a country where starting a conversation with a girl is very easy and common. You may have a conversation for the very first time so obviously, you don’t want to disappoint her, right? Try to be very honest while telling her anything about yourself. From which category of boys you belong? Are you a shy kind of boy? Do you want to know the tips to start a conversation with a girl? Are you of 18? If so, then yes there is nothing wrong to start a conversation with a girl but you need sometimes and guidance to do so.


Use short subject and short messages

No one has enough time to read long messages and thus your message and subject both should be short enough to make her read with joy and not with irritation. Try to use only 200 characters in your message to make it ideal. A short message will make her read with her own interests and not just as a formality. Different types of boys are there in our society among which some are very bold and some have shy kind of nature. Those who are very much bold may not have to face numerous problems while starting a conversation with a girl but those who have some sort of shyness or nervousness may start thinking about having a conversation with a girl.

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Don’t use only “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello”

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

These are the very common words which are also used by a common delivery boy as well. This kind of wishes can make her feel that you don’t have some special feelings for her. You can try to use “What’s up” instead of these common words.


“Ur”, “Luv”, “Wat”

There is a huge difference between a normal friend or a girlfriend. You should use these kinds of words for your common friends for sure but not for the girl you like the most. You should use the words like “haha” and “lol” also along with these words as these are not enough to make her feel for you. “Haha” and “lol” are very commonly used words in the US among the boys and girls of 18-20 age group.

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Talk about her interests

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Obviously,  any girl wants that you should have an interest in her. If you are continuously talking about your own only then it can make her feel irritated, you should talk about her interests as well. If you will show some interest in her life then it would make her feel for you. Try to depict your common interests so that you can make her feel attached to you. The girls of 18-20 age group are often smarter than the normal couples and thus you need to be very careful while talking about her interests.


Make her laugh

Any teenage girl always wants her boy to be very caring and understanding for her. She always wishes that her boy should be happening. You must try to make her laugh always by giving her surprises or take her to the shopping with you. Cracking some jokes so that she can laugh loudly. Teenagers often get depressed at the very earliest and thus it becomes necessary for you to make her laugh all the time whenever she is sad or stressed. Teenagers having an age of 18-20 are very much emotional and you should be very careful whenever she is sad.

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Compliment her but not only her appearance

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Complimenting on a girl’s appearance is very much common among boys but teenage girls of around 18-20 age groups are now very smart in the US and they better understand the intentions behind complimenting her beauty. You should compliment her nature and behavior. Appearance is a very common thing and thus you should be something different.  Yes, complimenting her behavior and reality can make her feel for you for sure. This method will indicate your realistic and genuine nature in front of her.


Depict something specific or different from her profile

Checking the profile of a teenage girl has become a very much common thing among the boys of 18-20 age group. The teenagers of this age group living in the US never try to check the profile only, they are not only limited to this but also they try to depict something specific from her profile. Any boy can check her profile but not all of them can depict something different from the same.  This step will definitely make her feel for you as it will indicate that you have a deep interest in her.

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Mirror her personality

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

You should follow her rules. If she is a straightforward kind of girl then you must be the same. You should mirror yourself into her own personality. This is such a great step which will definitely make her feel more attached and close to you. Boys often get confused about starting a conversation with a girl in the country like the US as they don’t want to lose any single chance to get connected with her.

Thus, all these steps are just more than enough to make her feel for you. Try these steps and make her feel right now. These all are the best ways to start a conversation with a girl.

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