Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

It doesn’t matter where you’re in the relationship or what exactly is happening in your relationship; you can always make her feel special. If you are seriously interested in winning over a girl, then making her feel special is the simplest thing you can do. This post will tell you how to make your girlfriend feel special and loved by doing small cute things for her.


Romantic Dates

 How To Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

Give her surprise by Planning a romantic movie show. Hold her hand while you watch the movie, and make sure it’s a perfect romantic lunch- for it’s not every day that you go out on movie dates.Go to a romantic restaurant, go swimming in a lake at night.Try to date her a candle light dinner with, lots of body contact and comfortable time to appreciate the company of each other.


Surprise Her

Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers on an ordinary day or give her favorite things. These surprises can make her feel how much you care and love about her and ultimately feel special to have this type of nice guy.

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Send Her Texts

 How To Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

Texts are an easy way to surprise her randomly through the day with words of love and kindness. If you happen to be away from each other, a simple text message can tell her how much you love, value, and miss her can lift her up even without you being there. It takes just a couple of seconds to do and will brighten her day.


When with her, Ignore your cell phone

When you are with her and your phone rings, try to avoid it.Make you’re with her totally when you’re with your girlfriend. If you concentrate on her more than your cell phone, it will make her feel special.

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Notice the little things

 How To Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

When she does something new, take notice. For example like If she has hair in a new way or a new eyeshadow and you notice, it makes feel her special.  


Listen To Her

This can be the one thing that many guys Don’t understand.When a woman vents, she simply needs one to listen. She only needs one to attempt to offer support and to understand her point of view. Everyone loves to have someone who is excited and interested in listening to all that they say. Value what she says and empathize even if it doesn’t sound right.  

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