What Men Want In A Relationship?

What Men Want In A Relationship?

The first thing that comes to mind when asked what men want in a relationship is sex.  It is wrong to assume that men only live to eat and have sex.  Men have not complicated creatures like women. They are straightforward and their needs are pretty much simple.


In this article, I will talk about what men want in a relationship to understand men better by women. What we forget is that both men and women are human and most of the times have similar needs and have similar feelings of warmth and love including frustration.


What Men Want In A Relationship


Ask any man what he wants in a relationship and the first thing you will hear is Honest and clear communication. It is priority number one for him.  They absolutely hate it when their women, just go around in circles trying to put their point across.  He wants a woman who can give honest answers to his questions and would be elated if he gets the information voluntarily from her instead of him asking questions.


Men want women who are caring, understanding and do not indulge in criticism and character bashing.  Men too love their dignity as much as women. One way for a woman to get her dream man is to build a satisfying relationship by communicating their needs honestly, truthfully and effectively.


We tend to think only women want security.  Men too are humans and they too want to be self-sufficient and secure.  Most women think what men want in a relationship other than sex and good food.  Men want that their partners should compliment them.  They should have a separate identity than their man.  They want their woman to be active and independent with her own interests.


Women think men, don’t appreciate them or the time they spend with her.  Women would be surprised to know how much men treasure and cherish the time they spend with their loving partner.


What Men Want In A Relationship


What men want in a relationship is a whole partner, not just a passive or overactive partner. If you try to manipulate your man, then he will absolutely abhor you.  Men like honesty and clarity.  If you expect your man to read your mind or interpret your signals, then that is not his cup of tea.  He may play along but not willingly as they do not like to be at the receiving end of manipulation.


To build a healthy and wonderful relationship, women should learn to state their needs with hesitation and manipulation.  Learn to appreciate and acknowledge his contribution to the relationship.


What else do men want in a relationship other than the above?  Well, a lot more if you ask me.  Men want to keep their partners happy. Give her courage and strength and stand by her at all times.  Women think men only want to have a good time with them.


Women should get over their petty thinking and delve deeper into their man’s psyche.  They will discover how much their man appreciates them and how much he wants his woman to be emotionally and financially stable.


If a woman can understand her man’s needs correctly, then she won’t have to ask what men want in a relationship out of frustration.  Be kind, patient and selfless in giving just like him and he is more likely to reciprocate in an amiable way.  What you like to be done for you, he too likes the same thing.  Needs are similar, all women need to do is believe in giving as much as in receiving.


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