Why Women Don’t Want Sex As Much As Men

(Last Updated On: 14/07/2021)

Why women don’t want sex as much as men?

This is the question many men wants to know. Men and women are very different, thus don’t suppose what you’d need is what she’d need.
Most women want connection, whereas guys want sex to feel connected before they can have sex. So while a man may feel dissatisfied that he isn’t getting the sex he craves to feel connected or even loved.

Here are the five main reasons, Why Women Don’t Want Sex As Much As Men. Read this before you begin looking elsewhere for making any other physical relationship.

She Wants More love, not Sex

Women are emotional creatures.
Women just want the fun, no strings attached. They are just as horny as men, but the misogynistic dynamic that is prevalent in most of the world until this day punishes women who are perceived as sexually voracious.

As a result, women in most of the world feel that they need the legitimacy of a relationship before they can allow themselves to be sexual.
Here is a hint for you, when you have sex with a woman, focus on the emotional connection with her. And by emotions, I don’t mean only affection, but emotions.

She Needs Time

If you’re expecting to turn this date into a steamy night for having sex. But, here’s the matter; She needs the time. Yes!

She needs some time to connect with you better, to know you, and to know if she’ll be comfortable with you.
Yes, this could mean that the night would end with dinner and an adorable peck on the cheek but, nothing more.

Hold off till she is comfortable in her skin to direct the way herself or till another date, perhaps. Forcing her will not speed it up for you, in case you’re wondering, and no, ultimatums never work on women.

She Gets Distracted

Most guys believe that for a woman to want to have to sex, all they have to do is make her feel horny.

The facts are that horniness is half the battle. If she doesn’t feel comfortable having sex, she won’t desire to do it. Discouragement, rage, worry, depression, exhausted — these things affect women.

If she drinks, offer her a beer or ask her for a sensational massage. Rub her feet; merely don’t anticipate it to change into sex unless she needs it to.
Because they make her feel comfortable. Ever wonder why 99% of massage (in private) lead to sex? Because they make her feel comfortable, that it!

The more women feel comfortable, the more relaxed she becomes.
The more relaxed she becomes, THE EASIER IT IS TO HAVE An ORGASM.

Tension and psychological anxiety cause physical stress and tension, which make it more challenging for her to relax enough to have an orgasm.

Age Is Affecting Her

For women, the age between 30s to 40s is the time when her libido starts falling.
So, if you are in this zone, you can’t blame her solely;  her hormones are acting up, and she’s merely not feeling it anymore. It’s rather normal and biological, and well, nothing is wrong with that.

Based on a recent survey by HealthyWomen and Palatin Technologies, Inc. Nearly half of premenopausal women (ages 30-50) say they have experienced low sexual desire sooner or later within their lives, yet only 14 percent were conscious that HSDD was a medical condition. HSDD is a questionnaire of sexual desire illness that can be defined as a lack or lack of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.

She Needs Intimacy

In particular, women’s emotional intimacy is often closely tied to sexual closeness—if there is an emotional disconnect or excessive contradiction in the relationship. For guys, this works quite differently.

It’s easier to shut down the emotional part of your brain while having sex. These two cannot be split for her. It’s as good as impossible. When she’s the one telling you not to expect anything much out of it, there’s some emotion attached to it. Women feel intimacy and familiarity when they discuss their thoughts and feelings with a loved one, touch, and discuss. They can be usually more enthusiastic about intimacy than in sex off and for itself.

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